Your Body Literally Glows with Light
Dr. Ari Klein believes your body is surrounded by light/energy that can be used to determine the state of your health, and he is not the only one. Modern science has proven that your body literally glows with light.

Cells in Harmony, Bioresonance Therapy

Bioresonance therapy uses electromagnetic frequencies generated by the body to detect the presence of parasites, bacteria, toxins, and other health disrupters, and to help eliminate them. Bioresonance can target, stimulate and boost the various bioelectrical signature patterns produced by the body to restore health and combat illness.

Mary Ellen Clark, Olympic Medallist, Recovers from Vertigo with Craniosacral Therapy
Two time Medallist in women’s platform diving, Mary Ellen Clark, was an Olympic winner in 1982. Shortly after, she fell ill with a severe bout of vertigo. She was not getting any better and had already tried a wide variety of allopathic and holistic therapies. Fortunately, after a long medical journey, Mary Ellen learned of Craniosacral therapy. After a series of sessions the vertigo resolved. Able to train again, Mary Ellen won her second Olympic medal in 1996. Craniosacral  therapy can address the symptoms of many conditions.

Hope Heals, with a Little Help
Dr. Ari helps people heal themselves, often through hopeless situations. Over his career, he has seen countless people heal themselves, and avoid a future of intractable pain. Dr. Ari aids in that self-healing process mainly using hands-on bodywork, such as Craniosacral therapy: a gentle alternative to chiropractic. He also uses modern technologies, such as biofeedback, cell vitality boosters, and other techniques and equipment to help stimulate and connect with one’s automatic and self-actuated healing.

The Healing Internet
An online resource for detoxification through resonance or sound wave therapy. It is a scientific fact that resonance, mathematically and practically, is the key or foundation of life and matter itself. Utilize this great online resource to day to begin the healing process.


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