Cells in Harmony, Bioresonance Therapy

By Dr. Ariel Klein 8/8/2008

Bioresonance is practiced around the globe by individual practitioners and doctors. It is a biofeedback therapy which can target, stimulate and boost the various bioelectrical signature patterns produced by the body to restore health and combat illness. It has been dependably effective for a wide variety of health problems.

Bioresonance therapy uses electromagnetic frequencies generated by the body to detect the presence of parasites, bacteria, toxins, and other health disrupters, and to help eliminate them. Every cell produces tiny electromagnetic vibrations. Cells that are in good health emit harmonious signals that freely resonate with each other. Toxins or microbes that infect a cell add their own frequencies and distort the cell's natural signal. This investigation of electromagnetic energy produced by living cells began with Russian engineer Georges Lakhovsky, who published The Secret of Life in 1925. Other researchers, including Harold Saxton Burr, Robert O. Becker, and Fritze A. Popp, have made similar observations.

I have used many different forms of bioresonance therapy to help many people get well from all sorts of health related problems. One of my clients suffered from severe Rheumatoid arthritis. her symptoms were not psychosomatic as she presented with the relevant blood work  and findings.  Interestingly her symptoms were reduced by over 50% after the first three sessions. While some may think this is a placebo response, it is not.

Research trials--conducted primarily in Russia, Germany, and Eastern Europe--indicate that electromagnetic waves do, indeed, affect biology. A 2002 Russian study, found on PubMed.gov, “measured activities of superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase, and content of non protein thiol groups (reduced glutathione) in blood lymphocytes from patients with rheumatoid arthritis before and during bioresonance therapy. Standard pharmacotherapy given to these patients tends to increase the activity of these antioxidant enzymes and to decrease thiol groups. In this study, bioresonance therapy increased the amount of thiol groups in blood lymphocytes and normalized superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase activity. Interestingly, bioresonance did not normalize catalase activity; it remained above the control.”

Tour de Force
The 2003 Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong's physician, Jeff Spencer, used a QXCI device this year as part of his care of the American Cycling Team. He combined manual, biochemical, and energetic strategies for each rider on a daily basis and stated: "The energetic side of the equation is where the most profound effects are seen in optimizing performance and recovery yet are virtually non-existent in formal athletics. In essence, my use of energetics is a decided advantage to the team – a secret weapon. The QXCI was my choice for energetic diagnostics and treatment because it is time efficient, can be used proactively, it's portable and produces superior results every time."[2] And the word spreads as Europe's premier football team AC Milan have also recently purchased two QXCI units.

Because of the exceptionally large range of analysis and therapy programs, the QXCI can be used to benefit virtually all health conditions. It can also be a great advantage in illness prevention and optimizing wellness as it addresses all stressors of the body – including the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional influences.

The Basis of Bioresonance

All cells, organs, bones, muscles, and tissue vibrate at their own rate or frequency and in complete harmony and make up the Body Energy Field (BEF). Therefore the whole body has a complex frequency make up which can change or become distorted when affected by illness or toxic substances.

Bioresonance makes use of a the body's electro-magnetic signals, alters them, and then feeds them back into the body as therapy, to restore health or combat illness. Feeding this altered signal back into the body cancels out the pathological electronic information coming from viruses, bacteria, and chemical toxins. This causes the cells of the body to start pushing out and eliminating these disease-causing factors, and so the root causes of disease are removed from the body and healing can take place.
Bioresonance therapy deals with the real underlying causes of chronic and degenerative diseases. According to a scientist, Pschinger, the real cause of chronic disease, is the accumulation of different kinds of toxins in the connective tissue, i.e. the space between the cells in the tissues of the body. Accumulated toxins reduce the cell’s vitality and block the cells' ability to receive oxygen, nutrients and eliminate metabolic wastes. The toxins eventually enter the cells and produce symptoms of chronic illness.

The human body generates long-wave magnetic fields, for example; when our heart beats the oscillation energy of such fields results in regeneration, circulation and defense against infections in our cells. The currents flowing in the heart can be recorded on an ECG and from the curve produced it is possible to ascertain a normal function or to recognize heart diseases. In the same way that the heart produces its own bioelectrical signature pattern so do all the other organs and systems within the body such as your brain, nervous system, respiratory system and as mentioned all of the cells, organs and systems in your body. Bioresonance is a biofeedback therapy which can target, stimulate and boost the various bioelectrical signature patterns produced by the body to restore health and combat illness.

Bioresonanace Therapy Studies
1. Placebo-controlled study of the effects of a standardized MORA bioresonance therapy on functional gastrointestinal complaints.
[Article in German] Nienhaus J, Galle M. Internistisch-naturheilkundliche Praxis, Mulheim, Deutschland.
CONCLUSION: The MORA bioresonance therapy can markedly improve non-organic gastrointestinal complaints.
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2. Effect of bioresonance therapy on antioxidant system in lymphocytes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
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PMID: 12511993
3. Low-frequency electromagnetic stimulation may lead to regression of Morris hepatoma in buffalo rats.
"CONCLUSIONS: We cannot exclude the possibility that LF-EM signals transmitted via BRT into the tumor-bearers may stimulate two separate processes: effective immunological response and/or tumor-cell death. The method appears to be capable of inducing the regression of transplantable hepatoma in vivo, thus is a potential subject of further studies."
PMID: 15165406
4. New approaches to diagnosis and treatment of fibromyalgia in spinal osteochondrosis.
"RESULTS: The response was observed in both the groups, but in group 2 it occurred more frequently and earlier, was higher and longer. BRT produces no side effects, has no contraindications, acts on the body systemically. It is rather effective against symptoms of neurocirculatory dystonia frequently diagnosed in FM patients."
PMID: 14785864

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