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By Dr. Ariel Klein 9/9/08

The internet is packed with healing information — much of it conflicting — yet, most of it supported by referenced material and clinical and personal anecdotes.  This presents an anxious dilemma to those seeking information or help.

The easiest way to solve this dilemma is with a treatment system that provides fast and obvious results with virtually no effort necessary on the part of the user.

This is why I invite you to sign on to The Healing Internet site helps you start the healing process immediately. And, by delivering fast, effective results, it brings a vital, healing element into play: Hope. I believe that hope stimulates greater healing than any therapy, and that with hope every therapy gains in its effectiveness, be it allopathic and/or holistic. 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Ari Klein. I have helped thousands of people heal themselves from various maladies over the past twenty odd years.  One of the most significant methods I employ is detoxification through resonance or sound wave therapy.

It is a scientific fact that resonance, mathematically and practically, is the key or foundation of life and matter itself.  A good example of this would be the TV commercial for Memorex tape, featuring Ella Fitzgerald. When Ella, on a Memorex tape, hits a high C note (a frequency vibration or sound wave), we see one specific champagne glass shatter, out of hundreds that are left standing untouched.  How did this happen? Simple. The tape-recorded C-note matched the resonant frequency of that particular glass, which then shattered when it was hyperesonated by the sound waves coming off the tape. In other words, the sound waves from the tape vibrationally matched that particular glass, causing it to vibrate so intensely that it shattered. This principle can be applied to detoxification or harmonization of the cells of your body, depending on how it is used. 

While the cause of most disease is unclear, it is well-known that the building blocks that cause the symptoms of many diseases are microbes: microscopic organisms living in your body. These organisms include parasites, fungus, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. They all vibrate. In fact, everyone and everything has its own specific electromagnetic frequency.

The Fathers of this technology are Dr. Royal Rife in America and Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manner in England. Their break-through findings and technologies put an entirely new light on innovative avenues of healing.

Doctor Royal Rife cured sixteen out of sixteen terminal cancer patients in a trial set up by the AMA. (Click link to learn more about Dr Rife and his breakthrough microscope and other inventions.) Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manner used a computer program he devised to effectively address over nine hundred different medical conditions with sound wave frequencies. I wanted to utilize these technologies to create an oasis or haven of benefit for the greatest number of people.

I wanted to create a healing place, where people could quickly and effectively feel better than they presently do, with no effort.  This is why I developed The Healing Internet. I wanted people to have as great an experience as when they came in to my personal office.  I customized this web site so that all the work is done for the visitor in the most convenient and effective manner.  To enhance the quality of the experience, I’ve hidden the healing synthesized sound waves in the nature background sounds. They are very effective and soothing to the ear and mind.  After you answer a simple questionnaire, my computer program picks out the appropriate sound waves based on your input, your needs.

I wanted to enable the most people possible to receive the most effective therapies for the least amount of money.  One way to do this was to apply the sound wave therapy to a software program and host it on the internet. Now you can visit my virtual office at The Healing Internet for online sound wave therapy. You can receive customized stress relief right at your fingertips from the convenience of your computer. Or stay here at for an online or phone consultation.

Now, instead of needing to buy an expensive rife machine ($2500 - $10,000+) you can log on to The Healing Internet to enjoy the positive effects of this technology and feel better immediately for pennies a day.

NOTE:  During Beta testing, I used only my personal clients and specific test and control subjects.  I can say with integrity that all of the testimonials are true and have been purposely understated as they are too incredible to believe in their raw form. 


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