hope heals, with a little help

By Dr. Ariel Klein 11/12/09

Hello.  My name is Dr. Ariel Klein. I help people heal themselves, often through hopeless situations.

Over my career, I have seen countless people heal themselves, and avoid a future of intractable pain. I aid in that self-healing process. I mainly use hands-on bodywork, such as cranial-sacral therapy: a gentle alternative to chiropractic. I also use modern technologies, such as biofeedback, cell vitality boosters, and other techniques and equipment to help stimulate and connect with one’s automatic and self-actuated healing.

I believe that there are no hopeless health situations. However, many come to me with a medical prognosis that makes them feel completely hopeless. One such person came to me recently, a seventy-year old man with a brain tumor. I’ll call him Jim.

Jim lived a very active lifestyle, ate a healthy diet, had a big extended family, and lived his life with passion. He played softball in leagues multiple times a week. But then he started having nagging headaches and trouble with his balance. So he went to his family doctor, who sent him to see a brain surgeon for an MRI.  The test revealed a significant mass behind his left ear.  

The surgeon didn’t know if an operation would make things better or worse and so wanted to take a wait-and-see approach. Jim was scared, as his symptoms had been worsening to this point and continued to worsen.

Jim came to see me the next week, driving nine straight hours to my Oakland office in California. During our first interview it was clear to me that Jim needed a boost in his cell vitality, his life force. Additionally, he needed a strategy to stimulate his body to heal itself.

After I administered an in-depth biofeedback session, Jim’s headache disappeared and his balance normalized. Jim agreed to adhere to a strict macrobiotic diet consisting of steamed or sauteed organic greens, grains, and protein. For even extra alkalinity in his body, I suggested that he add sodium bicarbonate to his diet. Cancer seems to do poorly in an alkaline, oxygen-rich environment.

Jim returned home, where he was to be closely monitored by his surgeon. A few days later he emailed me to let me know he was feeling great and back to playing softball. After a month or so passed, Jim reported that he felt well, but had lost a lot of weight, and that his surgeon was naturally concerned. Jim understood that the loss of weight could be from either a progression of his illness or the drastic change in his diet. 

The surgeon decided to operate. When the tumor was removed, it was revealed not to have grown at all, but, in fact, had begun to fail. Jim was given a new, positive prognosis, with instructions to regularly visit his surgeon to monitor his condition.  Today, well over a year after Jim’s original negative prognosis of hopelessness, he is back to playing softball and thriving. 

The point is that no case is hopeless. I have over twenty years of experience in helping people heal themselves, and the most common healing medication in that process is hope.  Those with hope most effectively heal themselves. Those without hope need to actively find a way to embrace it.  The deliverance of hope is part of my process.

I subscribe to a simple formula that I pass on to my clients:  
Metabolism + Energy + Nutrition + Detoxification = health
Thus the acronym: MEND.  By following the MEND protocol, we keep these four basic foundational variables in balance, which in turn results in self-healing.

Another difficulty many people face today deals with an immune system that either functions too low and opens the body to negative health forces; or functions too high—at a hyper vigilant state—resulting in what is medically categorized as auto-immune disease. While the causes of most diseases are unknown by western medical science, it is generally agreed in the larger healing community that most treatments are geared to either speed up or slow down chemical reactions in the body. Not only will this reduce your symptoms, but if you are lucky, it will give you the time needed for your body to heal itself.

I have reduced or eliminated the symptoms of many people with such auto-immune diseases as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and many more, through my therapies and by having them follow the MEND protocol, which elevated their standard and quality of life.

One such woman had come to me with a medical diagnosis of Reynaud’s disease. Mary, a sixty-year old smoker, had not responded to either cortisone or to sympathetic nerve block surgery and now her Medical specialist recommended surgical amputation of the right index finger above the large knuckle.

That was enough to spur Mary to come in to see me. She was referred by a friend who I had helped with the pain and swelling of Rheumatoid Arthritis (another auto-immune imbalance) so she was anxious to move forward.  I administered six detoxification sessions to Mary.  After the first session, the finger oozed puss for three days, signifying a ramping-up of the self-cleansing process. By the sixth and last session, the finger had completely healed itself.

I have seen the process of self-healing spring into action at an accelerated rate merely by clearing the blockages that impede the process. I have worked with a vast array of people with a broad variety of injuries, illnesses, aches and pains, anxiety and depression. I have worked with people from all walks of life, in all states of health and wellness, from infants to elders, and have seen in every case that we all have the ability to heal ourselves.
In fact, only we can heal ourselves, though we often need others to help to process.

Our bodies are rich with energy pathways, meridians, nerve, air, blood, nutrient, and toxin pathways, to mention a few. Keeping those pathways of energy open in the body, filling those pathways with energy, and removing toxins from these pathways keeps us healthy.

Much in the same way that the galvanized plumbing in a house may develop internal rust and blockages, there fore impeding the flow of water, our bodies may lose in self-healing efficiency as we experience blockages created by age, diet, trauma, or genetic inheritance. Sadly, many of the drugs we may take to solve health problems, contribute to creating blockages.

Through innovative techniques and equipment, I clear those blocked pathways, and allow the body’s incredible ability to self-heal to work at peak efficiency.


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