professional experience

Owner, Clinic Director
Life Energy Center for
Holistic Healing and Massage
Oakland, CA
March 2003 to Present
Health Care Practitioner
Implement holistic therapies to achieve swift and lasting resolutions to clients’ health situations. Fix problems their doctors can’t.
Focus on pain and stress relief and solutions to chronic health problems through hands on bodywork, pain elimination, nutrition, detoxification, and rejuvenation technologies.
Coordinate complimentary health care programs as well as work directly with clients.

Clinic Manager
Oversee daily clinic activities, including scheduling, ordering, billing, and shipping.

Mentor and Trainer
Train interns in Holistic Health care. Training focuses on anatomy, physiology, rehabilitative massage, nutrition, detoxification, metabolism and vital energy restoration.
Fully trained interns learn an in-depth, hands-on knowledge of multiple therapeutic massage/bodywork techniques coupled with an understanding of supportive nutritional supplements. Trained interns gain an up to date working knowledge of the most effective holistic technologies. Finally, interns are trained to integrate their holistic training within a conventional medical model.
Entrepreneur, Web Site Producer
The Healing Internet
May 2007
Entrepreneur, Site Producer
Developed, a Web site that delivers soundwave therapy for effective relief of pain and stress associated with acute and chronic health situations.
Clinic Director
Assistant Clinic Director
A Center for Natural Healing
Campbell, CA and Oakland CA
May 2000 to March 2003
March 1996 to May 2000
Assistant Clinic Director to Clinic Director
Managed client complimentary health care programs.
Worked directly with clients using healing technologies and hands-on pain and stress relief techniques.
Nervous System Release Technique
Creator and Health Care Innovator

Developed Nervous System Release™ a bodywork system that integrates direct touch, breath and movement, which facilitates the body's own self-correcting mechanisms for healing.

Continuing Education

EMWAVE (Heartmath Institute stress reliever)
Basic and Advanced Training
NES (Nutri-Energy-Systems)
Training and Certification
World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts
Certified Master Bodyworker
Holistic Massage Therapy
Advanced Massage Therapy
Energy and Somatic Massage
Family Health Services
Holistic Massage Therapy
Holistic Health Practitioner
Q-1000 Soft Laser
Basic training
BioCell Booster (PEMF)
Basic and Advanced Training
MWO (multiwave oscillator)
Basic and Advanced Training
Life System Bioresonance Analysis and Balancing
Basic and Advanced training
Quantum Medical Analysis
Basic and Advanced training
Frequency Medicine
Basic and Advanced Training in the methods of Dr. Clark, Gaston Naessens, Henry Beauchamp, Dr. Rife, Dr. Becker and others.
Craniosacral Therapy
Basic and Advanced Training in the methods of Upledger, Sutter, Butler, Maitland and others