the patient's point of view

With the MEND program you can achieve your optimal state of health and well being. Here is one woman's journey to finally getting better:

     Before I met Dr. Ari Klein, I did not feel like I could continue living with my severe health problems, nor did I want to. My life had become so very limited due to lack of energy, constant fatigue and pains, and so many health problems, that the pleasure and enjoyment of life had diminished to almost nothing. I didn't feel that life was worth living in the condition I was in.
     My main problems were related to extremely poor digestion caused by food allergies and candidiasis, which started over 20 years ago, and gradually my digestive system had almost shutdown completely. I suffered emotionally, too, due to the effects of poor health and lack of energy and hope.
     Throughout 20 years of trying to find help, I had consulted many traditional doctors and alternative health doctors and practitioners. I tried everything from acupuncture to vitamin therapy, detoxification programs, macrobiotics, other special diets and all sorts of other treatments and programs. Neither really helped and my condition gradually kept getting worse, but I kept trying. The last "adventure" was a nutritionist who sold me tons of supplements and equipment. I was taking around 30 pills a day, and I bought a food processor, dehydrator, over-the-to water ionization, energy-field filter system, and other items, spending thousands of dollars on equipment that didn't help at all. She also wanted me to buy a mattress with magnets and crystals, and several other items, for thousands more. And my condition did not improve at all. I began to feel like I was in a patient-mill. That is when I started to look elsewhere.
     The nutritionist had mentioned something called "quantum" to me. I knew nothing about it and I searched on the internet and called people trying to find a practitioner who provided some type of these specialized treatments. Finally through a private phone call to a number I found online of someone who answered my email, I found a person who was kind enough to give the contact information to call Dr. Ari. Perseverance really paid off. I will always remember this kind person.
     In my first conversation with Dr. Ari, I realized I was fortunate enough to meet a serious, highly educated, highly trained, deeply knowledgeable and experienced professional who had extensive talents and treatment abilities. Dr. Ari has proven to be all of this, and also, a true healer who deeply cars about his clients. And he is continually researching and staying up-to-date, passionate about his practice, and incredibly supportive of his clients.
     I began treatment with Dr. Ari on a regular basis, and immediately began to see wonderful results. His modern, progressive approach includes the whole person, not just symptoms. I felt confident that together we would achieve fabulous results in the strengthening of my digestive system, and the haling of a multitude of related problems. Gradually, my health continued to improve, week after week. It seemed like a miracle to me. With specific treatments, and the additions of specific supplements when needed, Dr. Ari closely monitored my condition and provided the expert care to enable my health to improve.
     Gradually, many symptoms began to improve. My digestion began to function. Infections began to heal. Pains and fatigue began to go away. My general health and well-being improved dramatically and I began to feel so much better. Dr. Ari helped me get through a very long, difficult period of my life and I am so blessed to have found him and will always be grateful.
     Thank you Dr. Ari, for your most kind and generous care and expertise, and for all that you have given me.

Briana, California


"I had chronic arthritis pain for over 25 years. After one session with Dr. Klein, the pain permanently disappeared in 2 out of the 3 joints affected." - A.F., Castro Valley, CA

"With specific treatments, and the addition of specific supplements when needed, my health continued to improve, week after week. It seemed like a miracle to me." - L.D., Walnut Creek

"I used to have herpes outbreaks about once a month. Since starting energetic healing treatments, I haven't had a single outbreak in over six months." - S.A.B., Berkeley, CA

"After several sessions of Craniosacral Therapy I had my first night sleep in 30 years." - J.C. Oakland, CA


     "I'm 73 years old so have been "around the block" a few times. Thus I feel qualified to offer this mini case-study on a issue about which I feel very strongly and in which I have significant, personal experience.
     I have not been able to walk for 16 years, but now I almost can. I might never get up to base-running speed, but at least I can stand without support. Also, now I can look back all the way to grammar school and understand why I had to endure various failures and movement disorders (especially in sports) - long-standing, progressive, but subtle problems.
     But you know what? I'm getting better! I'm certain that when the time comes, the little men in white coats are going have to let me walk into the sunset on my own. And guess who my coach has been for the last two years? Dr. Ari—who is getting fantastic results.
     Western Medicine is excellent for helping with structural problems, things like broken arms and clogged arteries. But "western" practitioners did not help me with my functional problem—and I gave them many years of chances.
     Only Dr. Ari has helped.
     Dr. Ari's skill in Alternative Health Medicine has been unbelievably good for me. His holistic approach to solving functional problems like mine is excellent, technically sound, up-to-date, and, most importantly, works very well. He uses the "wisdom" of the body for self-healing, but it seems like he then helps the body magnify that power. There is no better method. Self-healing might be turtle-like slow, but it is steady, has no side-effects, and is extremely powerful.
     He is a "facilitator" I think you should see, no matter how much you might know about your problem, no matter how independent you tend to be, and no matter if your problem is functional or structural. Sure, you're responsible for your own health, but I think you should ask Dr. Ari if he can help. He'll tell you the truth.
     If what is called "Alternative Medicine" today, had been practiced as "Mainstream Medicine" when I was growing up, my "what-if" abyss would not be nearly so wide and deep. Please take advantage of what is available today."

Bill Ziegler, California - 2009